Online 28 Day Raw Foods on a Budget Bootcamp Starts Sept 13th & Oct 11th!

It’s a myth that Raw Foods has to be more expensive!

Welcome to the first ONLINE program designed to give you all the tools to THRIVE on a budget-loving raw foods lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you are 100% raw, high raw, or raw friendly, this program will show you how to eat healthy while on a budget.

 Spring Menu Plan 2 500px
Creator of Raw Foods on a Budget and the Health on a Budget Summit, and Author of the award-winning book Raw Foods on a Budget, Brandi Rollins, will give you all the tools you need to succeed on a budget!

By taking a holistic approach, Brandi will teach you how to create a Food Budget that you can THRIVE on; how to easily BUY WHAT YOU NEED and EAT ALL YOU HAVE; HOW and WHERE to find inexpensive, high-quality produce; how to PREPARE and STORE raw foods in ways that stretch your dollar; and even how to embrace the ABUNDANCE and JOY a budget can bring to your life! Yep, you get all that!

In this 28 Day Bootcamp, you will learn:

  • How to make RAW FOODS work for you!
  • How to CREATE and SUSTAIN a Budget!
  • How to make your budget work for YOU!
  • How to get the LIFE YOU WANT from your budget!



  • To improve the WAY YOU SHOP for food!
  • The Art of RAW menu planning and shopping lists!
  • How to get in the mind-set of buying only what you need!



  • How to grow a money-saving, successful Garden this SUMMER!



  • How to STORE and PREPARE raw food in ways that save you money!
  • The TRUE Price Tag of Overeating! The Art of Conscious Eating!


You will RECEIVE

  • A COLOR paperback or e-book copy of the 192-page Boot Camp Workbook! The workbook contains affirmations, articles, and activities for each day; food and exercise logs; food expense tracking log; journaling space; an Early-Start program (where you can start 10 days before Boot Camp); and lots of motivating pictures! View a sample of the workbook.

  • Access to all 3 of my ebooks: Raw Foods on a Budget, Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan, and Raw Food in Real Families

Over 500 pages of Raw Content and Recipes!


  • A 28-Day intensive program curriculum
  • Daily emails inspiring you to make the most of out everyday!
  • Special interviews and conference calls with Brandi Rollins and other Raw Food experts to discuss menu planning, transitioning to raw foods, and raising children on raw
  • Small Group Support Meetings each week!
  • Daily text messages of inspiration, tips, and reminders! (Optional)
  • In-season and low-cost menu plan and shopping list for each week of the Boot Camp!
  • Access to the community forum for extra support!
  • FREE enrollment into the ‘Early Start’ Program* of the Boot Camp!
  • Access to future 28-Day Raw Foods on a Budget programs for 1 year!!! That’s access to at least six 28-Day program sessions for one low price!

What people are saying about Raw Foods on a Budget!

“As a new person to Raw I needed help. I needed recipes that were both easy to make and on a budget. Brandi’s work has helped me to make the change easier and more cost effective. I felt like I had hit the jackpot when I found Raw on a Budget. I am so thankful for Brandi’s work and I think anyone who is starting out on a raw diet should buy this book.”

“Raw Foods on a Budget has been blessing for me in many ways. This book offers everything a beginner on the raw food journey will needed to get started and to stick with it. It offers wonder strategies from shopping to planning simple and delicious meals, and much, much more while on a budget. I am forever grateful for this wonderful book!!”

“What an amazing book! The amount of research and the level of detail the author put into this shows her dedication to bringing the healthy raw food to people and making it affordable. The recipes looks delicious, too!!”


“Yes, for being able to go simply raw and not go broke doing it. Raw Foods on a Budget is a must have for all who seek peace of mind, body, spirit, and wallet.”

“The state of the world relies on our ability to live in harmony with nature. Eating raw foods is one of the simple ways to change the world. Thank you for creating this book to guide us on how to really nourish our selves within any budget and change the world at the same time. Magnificent!”

“Thank you for this book, great information and recipes. This help me keep healthy and the pocket book still has cash. I have learned so much from your site and book. Thank you again.”


Recipes from Raw Foods on a Budget!

Yes, affordable can look THIS GOOD!




12 Month Risk Free Guarantee!

Enjoy this groundbreaking program for a whole year and I guarantee that you will save more than the small investment!

I am all about helping people save money and as long as you put in the effort, you will see the savings.

If for any reason you’re not thrilled, you can contact me at any time within the next 12 months for a prompt 100% refund. My email is brandi[at]rawfoodsonabudget[dot]com. This is my direct personal email address.


The Next Session Starts Sept 13, 2015 & Oct 11th!


Get Full Boot Camp + E-Book Copy of Workbook

PRICE: $60.00
Regular Price: $75.00
Add to Cart


Get Full Boot Camp
+ Paperback Copy of Workbook Mailed to Your House
(incl. E-Book Copy)

PRICE: $72.00
Regular Price: $85.00
Add to Cart

And, you will have full access to upcoming and future 28 Day sessions FOREVER! So when you sign up for the July session, you also sign up for the August session!
Change takes time and I want to meet you where you are!
The next session will start October 11, 2015.

Why sign up? You will be the first to know when enrollment opens and when
the super-affordable, early-bird price of $60 is available! And you email will not be shared…EVER!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of equipment do I need?
I like to create menu plans that are accessible to most people, so I keep the recipes simple yet interesting. Overall, the menu plans require a knife, cutting board, and a basic blender and food processor (mini to large). That’s it! You don’t need a dehydrator or high-speed blender like a Vitamix (TM). When it comes to a blender, all you really need is one with a sharp blade. If you have had your blender for many…many years, you may want to replace the blade (otherwise it may just spin the food around). When it comes to a food processor, try to borrow one from a friend or family member. Many people have food processors and don’t use them…in fact, I got my food processor from my auntie! A mini food processor will also work, but you will have to split many of the recipes in half to make sure they blend correctly.

What happens after I purchase the Boot Camp?
After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to download the Boot Camp materials. It is IMPORTANT that you download all of the materials (i.e., Boot Camp introduction, ebooks, menu plans, audio recordings) onto your computer so that you can retrieve them during the Boot Camp. And be sure to review the Boot Camp introduction file to get oriented to the Boot Camp materials. Note that you do not need to login at to access the Boot Camp materials. This is an old function that is currently being removed from the website. 

*What is the ‘Early Start’ Phase of the program?
Because this is an intensive bootcamp, I want to offer people an opportunity to get a head start on the program’s curriculum and activities before the program actually starts. The activities in Early Start phase is more spread out than in the bootcamp (which makes it easy to start) and consists of daily emails containing activities and audio recordings of interviews and talks. Participants are automatically enrolled into the Early Start Phase if they enroll at least four days before the bootcamp start date; however, the earlier you enroll, the more you can take advantage of this phase. I highly recommend that people enroll early to take advantage of this phase! So far, the feedback on this component of the program has been great, so I am sure you will love it!

Do All Stars get access to this program for FREE?
A 100% YES! All Stars get everything that I offer online for FREE! This includes programs, ebooks, the Health on a Budget Summit, and webinars. For more information on the All Star program, go here: If you are All Star, I send periodic emails to All Stars containing All Star freebies and specials, so please check your email for instructions on how to register for this program. Remember that you receive lifetime access to this program. If you have any trouble, shoot me an email: brandi[at]rawfoodsonabudget[dot]com.

How do I register for this session if I previously purchased this program less than 1 year ago?
Everyone who purchases the 28 Day program gets access to the current and upcoming sessions of this program forever. Before each session, I send an email to all previous 28 Day registrants with details on how to register for the upcoming session. So please check your email for instructions on how to register. If you have any trouble or did not receive the email, contact me at brandi[at]rawfoodsonabudget[dot]com.


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  10. How do I register for the Early Start. I purchased the BootCamp at the beginning of Jan. How do I access the Early Start stuff? Should it automatically be emailed to me or do I need to do something special?

    • Hi! You are automatically registered for the Early Start, and you will receive an email a few days prior to the start date. The start date of the Early Start is 1/30, so you do have some time before it starts.

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  12. I just purchased access to the February boot camp. it will not allow me to create a log on or access the material. please help or refund money.

    • Hi, can you give me a bit more information on where the problem is occurring? Actually, I will just go ahead and create a username and password for you. You will receive it in your email shortly. Sorry for the hassle.


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  14. Just seen you have a raw food bootcamp today and wanted to know if its to late or if I would get the back logs or when your next one will start? ASL it says $50.00 but the PayPal page says $60.00.
    Interested in getting h work book and your book! How and where and what is the cost?

  15. I think I am an all star but can’t remember. If it isn’t too much triuble could you check? If I am could you resend the email with the details to sign up for March bit camp?

  16. Hi, I just registered but don’t know how to get access to the material. I thought I would receive a E-mail with a username name or a link to the site.

  17. now that i think that iam in..can i just forward it to others to also join..tried to do so under bbc & put my name :to.(back space your email off..was unable to forward to
    others of this great deal..mmm
    will mail you the money order next week..much thanks..

    also purchased a magic bullet dessert machine..(ice cream raw there a better one on the market ..this is plastic..seeking a stain steel brand..mmm later nana

  18. Hi, I wanted to know what the boot camp consists of. Is there a schedule? Are there meetings or videos? I am not sure but would like to sign up. Thanks!

    • HI Adrienne,

      The Boot Camp consists of weekly group support meeting via online or the phone every Sunday starting June 8th. And there is a pre-program conference call tonight. There are also daily emails, a daily workbook, recorded talks, etc. All of the details are listed above in the Boot Camp description. Let me know if you have any more questions!


  19. Hi Brandi,

    I am having trouble logging in, not to mention I lost my password and I have been trying to log in under the allstar1012. Everything I have tried has not worked. Please help! Thanks Mary Brown

  20. How much would you say is the weekly expense for raw foods on a budget?
    Also I want to start raw food but how can I get past the crawing for pizza or starchy foods?
    thank you!

    • Antonella, the cost of raw foods really depends that’s the thing. I have done raw foods where I was paying $500 a month and I have done it where I was paying $150 a month. Some of it depended on where I was getting my food, but mostly it depended on how I was buying food…that is my spending habits. That’s what I try to teach people. It’s way more than the price of food. In terms of cravings, it just takes time. Human’s food preferences are very malleable. Just focus on adding more raw foods to your diet. Think less about what you want to give up…I mean when has anyone ever succeeded and been happy at such a restrictive approach to a diet change.

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  22. Brandi,
    I recently ordered The Ebook Raw Foods on A Budget. The link closed before I could print it. I am interested in boot camp, however I would feel better if I could get the Ebook before registering for anything else.

    • 1-2 weeks before each Boot Camp, I send out emails inviting previous Boot Campers and All Stars to the next Boot Camp. So check your email or shoot me an email (brandi @

  23. How do I get on the waitlist for your next session, which begins Jul 12, 2015. I am purchasing the book now, on June 27, 2015, on .

    • Karen,

      I sent out an email today inviting all ALL STARS into the July 12th boot camp. You can sign up via that email. Also, I have scheduled the invite email for the August session, so you can use that for the August session. Thanks Karen! Welcome!

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