The Beta Project: Information

What is the Beta Project?

The Beta Project is a FREE 2 to 3-month hands-on program lead by Brandi Rollins, author of Raw Foods on a Budget and Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan, that will teach you how to live raw foods on a budget.

The project was initially launched Feb 1st, 2011 and a small group of applicants were accepted into project. However, now the Beta Project is being relaunched March 8th and made available to everyone! So, if you missed the first chance to enroll into the project, this is your second chance!!!!

Your first step is to complete the enrollment form! This will let me know who you are and what you wish to accomplish in the project! I will use this information to improve the Beta Project and the book!

Note that you can join the program at any time! So, if you just found about the program today, you can still come on board. You will just need to catch up by listening to the conference call recordings and completing the assignment. You can find this information on the Weekly Assignments/Conference Calls Page.

The project consists of 4 major components:

Conference Calls: There will be weekly conference calls to discuss the current week’s assignment/chapter from the book (i.e. Raw Foods on a Budget). The calls will be participant-driven and you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Ask me questions
  2. Share your experiences
  3. Tell me what else you would like to see in the book
***Weekly Assignments and Conference Call information is posted at***

The conference calls are scheduled for Tuesdays at 8-9pm EST (beginning March 8, 2011). Here is the conference call information:

Dial-in Phone Number: 1-712-432-3066
Code: 179684

ATTENDEE FEATURES 5* ASK THE HOST TO SPEAK: If you have a question or wish to speak, press 5*.

If this number is long distance for you, consider using Gmail’s free online phone service. You can find more information here:

If you are not able to join the conference call, the calls will be recorded so that you can listen to them at your leisure.

Curriculum and Weekly Assignments: The textbook for the project is the Raw Foods on a Budget ebook. If you have not purchased it, it is a good idea to purchase it before the first call.

Almost all of the weekly assignments will be derived from this book. These weekly assignments are your homework! Every week, you will set goals that will help you continue your raw foods on a budget journey, and then you have an opportunity to report your successes back to the group (via the conference calls or forum)!

***Weekly Assignments and Conference Call information is posted at***

Forum: I have created a forum where participants can share their goals, ideas, experiences, and ask me questions. Some individuals from the first cohort of participants have even started their own journals on the forum to document their progress. Visit the Forum!

Logging Your Weekly Food Expenses: One of the major activities in this program is to keep a log of your weekly food expenses. This will allow you to see the change in your food bills as you progress through the program. It is a HUGE source of motivation and will serve as a sign of your success!

You can download the Food Expense Log here. Also, to help me keep track of the group’s progress, I am encouraging everyone to submit their weekly expenses on the Weekly Food Expense Submission Form!

So, why am I offering this for FREE?

When I began writing Raw Foods on a Budget, I decided that it was going to be a book written by the readers for the readers. But, more recently, I have realized that I haven’t fully done my part in creating a space where you and I can interact and share ideas about the book.

So, in response, I created the Beta Project. Through the project, I hope to get a fuller sense of the tools you need to live a budget-friendly raw foods lifestyle and subsequently make Raw Foods on a Budget a rich resource for years to come! With this project, we both win!

What does this mean for the unreleased chapters and recipes, and will the book be released on time? The book release has been pushed back 3 months to July 2010 so that I can complete the Beta project. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I think the delay is well worth it! Image a book that has been tailored to fit the lifestyle of real people just like you…people who are trying to feed their families with raw foods or are living on a very low budget. The book will even contain stories and quotes from participants of the Beta project…people who you can relate to!

I will continue to write content, but just at a much slower pace, which means that the remaining chapters will be released at a slower pace. I want to focus on enriching the chapters that have already been released. After these chapters have been revised, I will re-release them. This means that the chapters will contain even more strategies to help you live raw foods on a budget!

And here’s some more good news: I will continue to release recipes every week until the book is done.

If you have any questions, please write them in the comment fields below or email me at! Thanks!


    • Ellyn, thanks for your interest in the program!!! Here are the details that you need to apply to the program:

      To apply for the program, you will need to have purchased the ebook, Raw Foods on a Budget, which is the textbook that we will use in the program. If you have not purchased the book, do so before 11:59pm tonight (1/18/11), otherwise you will not be able to apply to the program. I am doing this because I really want to acknowledge the people who supported me from the very beginning (by giving them first dibbs!). You can purchase the ebook on the Store page.

      After you have purchased the book, just login to and click on the ‘Beta Project Application’ link on the Members’ Central page.

      If you have already purchased the ebook, please login to Member’s Central and click on the ‘Beta Project Application’ link.

      If you have

  1. Hi, i would love to be considered please.

    I have 7 stone to lose. I want to do this from raw foods. I also have an 8 year old daughter whose head caught on fire 3 years ago and took her within seconds from death. I want to use raw foods as part of her healing protocol. I am a single parent and need to do this on a budget.

    Would love you to accept me!

    Dee x e

    • Dee,
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful email! The first step to getting into the program is to fill out the application. The link to the application is located on the Members’ Central page after you login. However, keep in mind that you will have need to purchased the Raw Foods on a Budget ebook to complete the application. I am doing this because the I want to give back to the people who have supported me and because the ebook will serve as the textbook for the program.

  2. It was unclear which if we could purchase before 12:00 EST or PST. I hope PST will not be dinged. i just purchased m book and I ready to sign up as soon as I received instructions! I have thoroughly enjoyed eating raw. I have been attempting to eat raw since last June little did I know I wasn’t eating RAW at all. Now that I have discovered you I don’t have to worry about going back! So much good information you have shared. Your recipes are so delicious and nutritious!

    • Shawnette, don’t worry PST won’t be dinged! After you buy the ebook, first login and then click on the application link on the Members’ Central page. Next, fill out the application and that’s all!

    • Fontrella, nope you can still apply if you are buying the book today. I will keep it open for a few more hours and after that the application will only be available to existing book owners.

      P.S. I received your application!


      • Pete,WOW! Thank you so much for writing this and sainhrg your heart today. Our daughter, Ella Grace, was born still on 03/04/10 at 21weeks 1 day. Burying our precious daughter was the hardest thing either of us had to do. She was our 3rd pregnancy and yet we still have no babies in this world. Having faith is a double edged sword when enduring pain as intense as losing a child. I have *faith* that God is a big God that is capable of miracles and amazing big things so why didn’t he save any of our babies? Yet, I can still have faith that God will build great things from the ashes of our lives. It’s okay to be angry at Him it has to be! I keep telling myself (and anyone who questions!) that MY God is a big God and He gave me these emotions and He is big enough to handle them! Thank you for sainhrg your heart and for blessing mine!

  3. I think I’m registered, but I don’t think I’ve bought the book yet.
    With the eBook, can you read it on a basic computer? I don’t have one of those book readers. and I’m not planning on buying one.
    Also, one place above it says that the registration will be open through Jan. 20 – today. Is it still?
    I would like to do think. I’ve been reading a lot about raw food, but haven’t really gotten started with it.
    Nancy Haynes

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  5. OK, now I know for sure that I have purchased the eBook. I hope I can still participate in the Beta project.
    I NEED to do this for my health. I NEED help.
    I need a structure for this. I’ve got basic information, but I need the support of keeping up with it daily.
    Nancy Haynes

  6. So bummed that I only found your facebook page just now, but I am definitely going to buy the book and I’m praying you will do this program one more time later on. :)
    I’m trying to go raw on a $25/week budget and it’s just not working real well. But I’m definitely buying the book to see if you have any tips.

    • Rain,

      Sorry you missed the deadline. I plan to post the conference calls so that others can listen. Since we will be covering a chapter or topic every week, it will be easy for you to follow along and set your own goals.

      Yeah, $25/week is really tight. To have a budget that size, you really need to depend on local farms and only visit the grocery once in a while. Many farms offer volunteer programs (a few hours per week) in exchange for CSA memberships and free produce. A garden would be another great option.


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    • Donna,

      I am sorry you missed the deadline. Unfortunately, there is no more room. However, here is some great news! I plan to post the conference calls so that others can listen. Since we will be covering a chapter or topic every week, it will be easy for you to follow along and set your own goals.


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  7. wow, sounds amazing… I live in buffalo, NY, also have a family on SAD(whole foods) and trying to do the raw/vegan myself, on one income. wish I came across this sooner :( Hope it goes well and please keep me in mind in the future for things like this. Sending you loving blessings, Kim

    • Kim,

      I will be posting the recordings from the conference calls online so that people can listen and follow along. The first recording will be posted next week, so stay tuned.

      I lived in Buffalo, NY, one summer and I just loved the low-cost resources I had there! I always found fresh greens to be inexpensive at Fresh Rite, and anything else I needed to got from Thorpes Farm (in East Aurora). On many occasions, I fruit picked strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries at Thorpes after work. I can remember picking 4.5 pounds of organic blueberries for only $8! It was pretty awesome.


    • i live in buffalo ny , i would love to know where you shop …i have children, and sometimes it seems expensive to shop for raw fresh foods.. i would like to hear ideas

      you can friend me on fb kenny helak

      • Kenny, when I lived in Buffalo, I purchased my greens from Feel-rite and had vegetable and fruit shares at Thorpes’ Farm in East Aurora. I also did a lot of blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry picking at the farm. They don’t deliver into Buffalo, but there are other CSAs with drop-offs in Buffalo. They do sell out, so move fast!

  8. I just found out this morning march 9 about this project and would very much love to participate on it but i did not see a place to buy the book nor an application for the project can i get your help?


    • Yes, the program will stay open the whole time so that people can join at any time. No worries.

      First complete the enrollment form:

      Then listen to last night’s conference call and read the assignment for this week:

      Purchase the book at the store:

      Note that the book, is not released (won’t be until July) yet but the ebook is available. Basically, when you purchase the ebook, you purchasing a membership that will allow you to access the recent version of the book (about 200 pages long) and future versions, including the final version.



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  9. If you are still accepting enrollees, I’d love to join as well. Like Agustin, I only found out this morning (via an email from Jinjee).


  10. I’ve now read the part of the book you get for free and liked it and want to get it as soon as I can get some money.I do need this to help me get on the right track and to learn to buy and use the food that I can get from our small town store. we have only one store and any others are 30+ mi away and with gas going up we don’t go out of town much. Theresa

    • Theresa,

      Wonderful! I am so happy that you are enjoying the book! And be sure to participate in the Beta Project. If you need help with getting chapter 8 (it is in the first assignment for the Beta Project), please let me know. Email me at!


  11. i would be interested in your next event. got this too late. I am desperately trying to manage going raw. and live in a family with diverse eating habits. thanks

    • Martha, you can still participate in the 2nd cohort, which started March 8th. You will just need to catch up! Start listening to the recorded conference calls on page, and start the assignments (on this page as well). You can do it Martha! Be sure to attend the conference call tomorrow for support. This will be the last time I will offer this program for free, so take advantage of it! -Brandi

  12. Will you be starting another one, soon? I am interested but, it appears I found out about this pretty far into the process.

    Thank you!

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